EEGERU, an ensemble created by a group of like-minded musicians in 2015, is the first and only contemporary music ensemble in Kazakhstan. EEGERU, which has been combined by a passion for modern forms of musical thinking, is unique because we play European instruments, the flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, and the Kazakh folk instrument kyl-kobyz, which has a unique timbre. 

Since 2016, our ensemble initiated a Composer in the Residence program, encouraging young and promising Kazakhstani composers. Nowadays, our ensemble attracts almost 150-200 loyal listeners. 

We have presented contemporary music festival Nauryz 21 (2016, 2018), which many distinguished musicians attended: Tristan Murray, Klaus Lang, Mario Caroli, Vlad Pesin, Fedor Lednev, the Ensemble Nikel, and more. EEGERU considers it essential to interact with successful international musical projects and performances at major international and domestic venues, such as the Meyerhold Theater Center in Moscow, the Great Hall of the Kyrgyz Conservatory in Bishkek, the Tselinny Center for Contemporary Culture, and the ART & SHOK Theater in Almaty.

In 2016, EEGERU took part in innovative pop-mechanical performance, composed by Sanzhar Baiterekov, entitled Medea. Material. In May 2019, the ensemble participated in the production of the chamber opera ErTostik, created in collaboration with the Russian composer Alexander Manotskov and the ART & SHOK theater.

In 2019, EEGERU launched its festival, EEGERU Connect. EEGERU Connect is a large-scale international project involving a series of mono-festivals devoted to a particular country, including Switzerland, France, Austria, Spain, America, and the Netherlands. The festival concentrates on contemporary music featuring concerts, lectures, presentations, open rehearsals, and master classes. The first mono-festival (2019) was devoted to Germany's contemporary music, the undisputed leader in contemporary art.

Last years, EEGERU became the platform for learning contemporary music and new experiments for dozens of young musicians and composers who gradually became involved in our community. 

In conclusion, EEGERU presented more than 25 concerts in five years and performed about 80 pieces of Kazakhstani and foreign composers. The goal of EEGERU is the promotion of new academic music as a means of expression, communication, creativity, thought, and life; the initiation and contribution to the creation of contemporary masterpieces. EEGERU contributes changes society and cultural landscape of Kazakhstan right now.

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